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Will Bushra And Aleema Participate In The 2024 Elections?

Will Bushra And Aleema Participate In The 2024 Elections?

Aleema Khan, sister of PTI founder Imran Khan, and Bushra Bibi, his wife, have confirmed that they will not be participating in the upcoming elections. Outside the Islamabad High Court (IHC) on Thursday, Aleema Khan stated that her focus is solely on challenging her brother Imran Khan’s case at the moment and ruled out any intentions of running for political office.

When asked by a journalist about the possibility of either herself or Imran Khan’s wife, Bushra Bibi, contesting elections, Aleema Khan clarified that neither of them has plans to enter the electoral arena. She emphasized that their current involvement is related to Imran Khan’s case and asserted that he should not be treated in a manner reminiscent of the treatment given to Bhutto.

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Aleema Khan expressed skepticism about the Cypher case, labeling it a “joke” and raising concerns about the speed of the trial. She questioned the rapid pace of the proceedings and voiced fears that a death penalty might be announced by December 30. The statements indicate a clear stance from both Aleema Khan and Bushra Bibi regarding their involvement in electoral politics at this time.