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Aagha Ali Criticizes Urfi Javed’s Fashion Choices

Aagha Ali Criticizes Urfi Javed's Fashion Choices

Indian actress Urfi Javed, renowned for her unconventional fashion choices, recently sparked social media buzz with her latest attire—a black dress featuring miniature planets inspired by the universe. While her daring fashion statements often attract both praise and criticism, Pakistani actor Aagha Ali’s comments have ignited controversy this time. Javed’s outfit, resembling a mini-frock adorned with intricate galaxy designs, elicited diverse reactions online.

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Aagha Ali, echoing the sentiments of many, expressed disapproval, remarking, “So now she is pregnant with the universe! I mean what on earth is going on man.” However, Ali’s criticism faced backlash from internet users who found his comments inappropriate and questioned his moral standpoint. Javed’s fashion selections consistently spark debates and trolling on social media, with her latest ensemble drawing comparisons to a “science project” by certain critics.