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Pakistan Khyber-Pakhtunkhawa

Avalanche Engulfs Hotels And Residences In Naran

Avalanche Engulfs Hotels And Residences In Naran

Avalanches caused by the collapse of two glaciers buried multiple houses and hotels in the renowned tourist destination of Naran, located in the Mansehra District of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P), according to officials from the Kaghan Development Authority (KDA) on Thursday.

Naran, situated in the upper Kaghan Valley, is widely recognized as a top tourist spot both domestically and internationally, drawing numerous visitors during the summer months. However, the region experiences sparse tourism in the winter due to harsh weather conditions and road closures resulting from heavy snowfall.

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Typically, roads leading to Naran remain blocked in various areas due to avalanches during this time.

As reported from Naran, officials from the KDA disclosed that the avalanche, triggered by the collapse of the Ghamla and Chapran glaciers on Jheel Road in Naran, resulted in the burial of several hotels and houses. The authorities encountered challenges in accurately assessing the extent of the damages.

In response, an emergency meeting was convened by the Kaghan Development Authority, which formed a team tasked with evaluating the destruction. The director-general of KDA, Muhammad Shabir Khan, emphasized the immediate dispatch of an emergency team to assess the situation and submit recommendations. He also pledged support from KDA to assist affected locals and advocated for caution against construction in vulnerable glacier-prone areas, seeking guidance from Naran’s experienced elders.