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Xiaomi 14 Ultra May Launch Next Month

Xiaomi 14 Ultra May Launch Next Month

A recent report has suggested the potential unveiling of Xiaomi’s flagship, the 14 Ultra, featuring a new camera configuration within its familiar design. Another well-known leaker has now added credibility to this speculation by hinting at the inclusion of an impressive f/1.63 aperture. Additionally, there are speculations that the phone is scheduled for a debut towards the end of February.

The timing of this potential launch aligns with the upcoming MWC 2024 event in Barcelona, leading to speculation that the grand reveal of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra might take place on this international platform. The event may also witness the global debut of Xiaomi’s flagship duo, the 14 and 14 Pro. Xiaomi has confirmed its participation in the conference, pledging to showcase its latest home devices and possibly offering a sneak peek at the highly anticipated Xiaomi SU7 electric vehicle.

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The concept of a variable aperture for the 14 Ultra has been circulating in the realm of rumors for some time. This innovative feature involves a two-stop lens seamlessly transitioning between f/1.6 and f/4.0, similar to the mechanism utilized in the 14 and 14 Pro models, which employ an f/1.4-4.0 solution. The phone is rumored to be equipped with an LYT-900 sensor, a 1”-type platform developed by Sony.

In addition, Xiaomi has recently certified a camera kit for the 14 Ultra, resembling its predecessor. However, this updated version may also function as an external battery, promising a significant boost in overall battery life. The complete set of details is expected to be officially unveiled next month, adding to the anticipation and excitement surrounding the imminent release of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra.