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The world’s coldest city is currently at minus 50 degrees.

The world's coldest city is currently at minus 50 degrees.

deemed your winter to be cold? The world’s coldest city has experienced temperatures as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius (-58 Fahrenheit). East Siberia’s Yakutsk, regarded as one of the world’s coldest cities, has experienced an unusually protracted cold spell. Its coldest month is January, and while being accustomed to subzero conditions, locals in the outlying area are taking extra efforts to stay warm.

One homeowner wearing two scarves, a pair of gloves, helmets, and hoods on top of gloves told Reuters, “You can’t fight it. Either you adapt and dress appropriately, or you suffer. Another native who sold frozen fish at a nearby market said that layering was the secret. “Just don warm clothing. like to a cabbage, in layers “She spoke.

In 2018, the cold was so severe for several locals that their eyelashes froze.
Yakutsk has a population of less than a million, and its winters can be harsh even by Russian standards. But in July, as smoke from surrounding wildfires tore through the region’s woodlands, drawing attention from around the world, the city grabbed headlines.