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Russia wants the war to end in Ukraine- Putin


Russia wants the war to end in Ukraine- Pugin

On Thursday, President Vladimir Putin stated that Russia wanted to put an end to the conflict in Ukraine and that a diplomatic solution was a must.

A day after US President Joe Biden welcomed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy to the White House and assured him of the US’s ongoing, unflinching support, Putin made the remarks.

We want to put an end to this war, not restart the armed fight, according to Putin. “We will work to put an end to this, and obviously the sooner the better.”

Putin has “absolutely none indication” that he’s eager to negotiate an end to the conflict, according to White House spokesperson John Kirby. The conflict started on February 24 when Moscow launched troops into Ukraine.

Kirby told reporters in an online briefing, “Quite the reverse. Putin is acting in a way that “betrays a man who wants to continue inflicting bloodshed on the Ukrainian people” and “intensify the war,” according to the report.