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VPN Usage In Pakistan Soars Amid Increased Censorship

VPN Usage In Pakistan Soars Amid Increased Censorship

Swiss company Proton AG, known for providing privacy-focused online services including VPNs, has announced its plan to offer free VPN servers in various countries, particularly those known for government-imposed censorship, such as Pakistan. The company also shared startling statistics regarding VPN usage in Pakistan, revealing a staggering 6000% surge amid political and civil unrest.

X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, has remained largely inaccessible in Pakistan for about a month after the general elections. With several useful websites banned in the country, a considerable number of individuals are turning to VPNs to bypass censorship.

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The issue of forced censorship extends beyond Pakistan, as Proton’s report highlights a 4,700% increase in VPN demand in Nepal. More significantly, there has been a remarkable 25,000% surge in Gabon and an astonishing 100,000% increase in Senegal.

As the world witnesses widespread voting participation this year, Proton emphasizes the critical importance of providing extensive access to virtual private network (VPN) services. These services play a crucial role in enabling individuals to navigate around internet censorship, ensuring free access to information.

Proton has announced its commitment to offering free servers in countries like Venezuela, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, and Turkey, acknowledging the global need for enhanced online privacy and freedom, especially in regions facing significant challenges related to internet censorship.