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US Urges Investigation Into Alleged Pakistan Election Interference

US Urges Investigation Into Alleged Pakistan Election Interference

WASHINGTON – The United States once again called on Pakistani authorities to investigate irregularities in the country’s general elections, as protests erupted nationwide amid allegations of rigging.

The results of the 2024 elections presented an unexpected scenario for the already crisis-hit country, with candidates backed by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) securing the most seats despite facing a crackdown. However, with no clear winner, the 240 million-strong nation remains in a state of turmoil, as several parties claim they will form the government.

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Amid the protests and chaos, Washington expressed concerns about the complexities observed in the 2024 elections. U.S. State Department spokesman Matthew Miller emphasized the importance of thoroughly investigating allegations of election interference and fraud in compliance with local laws.

Miller underscored his commitment to supporting the rule of law, upholding constitutional principles, ensuring a free media, and encouraging a civil society. The spokesperson also denounced political violence and the blocking of cellular and internet services during the election period.

Regarding the ongoing discussions among political parties to form Pakistan’s new government, Miller stated that it is premature to draw any conclusions at the moment. He highlighted the United States’ willingness to work with the elected leadership chosen by the Pakistani people.