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US Envoy Unveils Plans To Boost Anti-terrorism Capabilities In Pakistan

US Envoy Unveils Plans To Boost Anti-terrorism Capabilities In Pakistan

US Ambassador Donald A. Blome introduced key measures to enhance law enforcement capabilities in Balochistan, unveiling plans in Quetta. These include expanding the Anti-Terrorist Force training facility, upgrading police stations, and constructing new ones. A $4 million aid package aims to double the capacity of the training facility, accommodating an additional 800 trainees simultaneously.

The US allocated $2 million to repair and modernize 10 flood-damaged police stations, featuring digital record management and gender desks for private reporting. An extra $2 million will fund the construction of 10 new police stations to enhance service accessibility.

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To address risks faced by law enforcement, a $250,000 equipment grant was announced. These initiatives, in collaboration with the Department of State’s Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement, complement the existing $20 million nationwide assistance provided by INL. Ambassador Blome, alongside Inspector General of Police Shaikh and UNODC representatives, inaugurated Balochistan’s first Women and Juvenile Facilitation Center, enhancing law enforcement’s ability to protect women and girls.

During discussions with Chief Minister Ali Mardan Khan Domki, Ambassador Blome reaffirmed strong US support for Pakistan’s economic development, including Balochistan.