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US Court Reduces Trump’s Bond, Adjusts Deadline

US Court Reduces Trump's Bond, Adjusts Deadline

Former US President Donald Trump has received a reprieve from a US court, which has reduced his bond to $175 million and granted him a new deadline amidst legal proceedings.

Initially facing the prospect of paying a bond to cover a $464 million fraud judgment or risk asset seizure by New York authorities, Trump secured a grace period during which asset seizure was prohibited.

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Following Trump’s appeal, the New York state appellate court approved an extension of the payment deadline and a reduction in the bond amount while he appeals the ruling. Instead of the original $454 million, Trump now has 10 days to provide a bond of $175 million. This decision comes after he was found liable for inflating his net worth to deceive investors and lenders.

Trump’s legal team contended that the initial bond amount was unreasonably high and beyond his immediate means. Conversely, NYC Attorney General Letitia James had warned of asset seizure if Trump failed to meet the deadline.

Amidst facing numerous legal challenges, including civil and criminal cases, Trump has accused authorities of politically motivated actions aimed at undermining his re-election campaign.