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Upcoming Petrol Rates In Pakistan From September 1st?

Upcoming Petrol Rates In Pakistan From September 1st?

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s interim government is anticipated to raise petrol prices during the initial two weeks of September 2023 in accordance with the global trend. This comes as the rupee faces consecutive setbacks.

Reports from reliable sources in the media suggest that petroleum prices may witness an increase of up to Rs20 per liter from the beginning of the following month. This will constitute another blow for individuals grappling with inflation, especially as elevated food prices are already straining budgets. The surge in fuel prices directly affects the transportation and agriculture sectors, imposing an additional burden on the populace.

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Given the ongoing pressure on the local currency, the cost of petrol could surge by more than Rs10 per liter, while diesel might see a spike of Rs20 per liter.

Following the implementation of the new pricing, petrol’s rate would reach Rs300.45 per liter. Moreover, the cost of High-Speed Diesel would escalate by Rs20 per liter, reaching an estimated Rs313.40 per liter.

Additionally, other petroleum derivatives such as Kerosene oil and Light Speed Diesel could encounter an increase of up to Rs14 per liter.

In recent weeks, petrol prices have already risen by Rs37.50 per liter, and diesel rates have surged by Rs40 per liter.

The projected price hike will exacerbate the existing challenges, as previous revisions have already led to a rise of approximately Rs20 per liter in both petrol and diesel prices.