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UAE’s ‘no ban’ on denying Pakistanis from certain cities visas, according to the FO.

UAE visas for Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD: Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, the spokeswoman for the Foreign Office, stated on Monday that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had not prohibited or placed on a “blacklist” the granting of visas to Pakistanis residing in particular cities. We are aware of the reports. We can confirm that the UAE does not have a ban on issuing visas to people of Pakistan, the spokeswoman added.

The FO’s reaction came in response to questions from media over claims that the UAE had blacklisted or prohibited issuing visas to Pakistani nationals who reside in certain cities. The UAE vehemently refuted accusations that it refused to issue visas to Pakistani nationals who resided in specific cities, branding it as “fake news.”

According to Bakheet Ateeq Al Remeithi of the UAE Consulate General in Karachi, the UAE government had not put such a ban in place. The UAE government updated the name requirements for entrance into the Emirates last month.

According to updated naming restrictions, Pakistani passport holders with a single name would not be permitted entry into the UAE, according to the country’s private airline. The name requirements for admission into the Emirates have been updated by the UAE government. According to the updated guidelines, travellers having passports with [just] one name and no other names, including father name or family name, will not be permitted to board, according to Serene Air.