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TimTim: Pakistani Robot Aids Autistic Kids Socially

TimTim: Pakistani Robot Aids Autistic Kids Socially

Access to autism diagnosis and support in Pakistan is limited. However, a socially assistive robot now provides verbal feedback to autistic children, addressing the challenges they face in independent living and social inclusion.

Recognizing the hurdles faced by individuals with autism, Pakistani startup Haprowrobotics created TimTim, an innovative robot designed to enhance the skills of children with autism and facilitate learning by addressing feelings of loneliness through communication. TimTim, the first commercial robot of its kind in South Asia, aims to mitigate autism symptoms by offering support and therapy to improve communication, social, and cognitive skills.

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This socially assistive robot utilizes audio and video data, such as statements or eye contact, from interactions with autistic children. It analyzes the data to assess engagement in specific training activities, targeting the improvement of social, communication, and relationship skills, as well as self-regulation.

After making a positive impact, TimTim is set to be available in the local market next month and internationally within a year. The CEO of the startup highlighted that TimTim serves as a companion and mentor for children dealing with autism, using AI for communication and possessing the ability to move autonomously. With a battery life of 7 hours, it can engage with children individually or in group sessions.