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TikTok Unveils Tougher Rules Against Misinformation And Fake Content

TikTok Unveils Tougher Rules Against Misinformation And Fake Content

In preparation for the 2024 US presidential election, TikTok has revealed additional details about its strategies to combat disinformation. The platform’s initiatives for 2024 are expected to closely resemble its previous efforts, following the trends observed among other social media competitors.

One key feature introduced by TikTok is an in-app election guide designed to direct users to voting-related resources, including voter registration forms and instructions for mail-in voting. While similar to guides from previous years, TikTok is launching it earlier in the election cycle compared to previous elections. This early release aligns with the commencement of the presidential primary.

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TikTok’s approach to handling misleading content remains consistent with the period from 2022 to 2024. The platform will continue its policy of not accepting political ads, even if presented as producer-branded content. Additionally, TikTok will maintain collaborations with fact-checking organizations to assess content for recommendations and potential flags as “unverified.”

A notable development is TikTok’s commitment to expanding media literacy resources related to these content labels later in the year. Although the specifics of this expansion remain unclear, it suggests an effort to enhance the utility of alerts for users who come across such content.

While TikTok is set to implement familiar strategies to combat disinformation during the 2024 election, the early rollout of the election guide and the promise of enhanced media literacy resources demonstrate the platform’s ongoing commitment to providing accurate information and mitigating the spread of misleading content on its platform.