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TikTok Introduces ‘Genie’, Its Latest AI Chatbot in Development

TikTok Introduces 'Genie', Its Latest AI Chatbot in Development

TikTok is preparing to introduce its AI chatbot named “Genie” to Western users, according to recent trademark filings in the US. This chatbot aims to enhance user interaction within the app by enabling real-time responses to queries and facilitating simulated conversations between users and AI.

The “Genie” AI chatbot marks TikTok’s strategic move to consolidate various AI functionalities into its platform. While TikTok has already experimented with AI chatbots like “Tako” in the Philippines, which primarily guided users to discover more videos, “Genie” promises to be more advanced. It will integrate TikTok’s generative AI search capabilities, akin to those seen in Douyin (the Chinese version of TikTok), to enhance content discovery both within and outside the app.

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Additionally, TikTok is exploring features such as “StreamVoice,” which simulates human voices, and is developing AI tools for music generation and text-to-video creation. These innovations are likely to be incorporated into “Genie,” making it a comprehensive tool for users to engage with AI-driven content and functionalities seamlessly.

Unlike Meta’s approach with AI chatbots, which focuses on text-based interactions across its platforms, TikTok aims to enhance functional discovery within its app ecosystem. This strategy underscores TikTok’s commitment to improving user experience by leveraging AI for interactive and engaging content discovery.

As TikTok continues to innovate with AI technologies, “Genie” represents a significant step towards making AI a central component of the TikTok experience, offering users more dynamic and personalized interactions within the platform.