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The CEO of Ford dismisses Tesla’s Cybertruck while praising the electric F-150 Lightning.


Ford Motor Company CEO Jim Farley recently made headlines when he raised reservations about Tesla’s much-anticipated electric pickup, the Cybertruck.

Farley claimed that Cybertruck’s design is largely aimed at “Silicon Valley people” and is unsuitable for ordinary use. He declared confidently that Tesla’s pickup would be unable to compete with Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning, which has already achieved significant market traction.

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While Cybertruck has experienced difficulties, Ford has started making and shipping electric F-150 pickups. Despite Tesla’s overall dominance in the electric car market, Ford outperforms Tesla in the electric pickup truck class.

Ford has also stated their desire to use Tesla’s charging standard and the Supercharger network. Farley expressed enthusiasm for this collaboration and emphasised the benefits it will provide to users.