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Tiktok added an interesting feature for the users.

Tiktok added an interesting feature for the users. (1)

With the addition of a new video-scrubbing capability, TikTok has made it simpler for users to locate particular segments of lengthy videos. The function was discovered by social media analyst Matt Navarra and is currently only applicable to new video uploads.

Instead of just randomly washing the entire film, the video-scrubbing thumbnail will allow viewers to see exactly what they want to and whatever segment they want to watch. Such a function was anticipated to appear as TikTok slowly encroaches on YouTube’s domain, which already includes video-scrubbing thumbnails.

The video uploading time limit on TikTok was recently expanded by up to 10 minutes, which has enhanced the viewing experience. A horizontal full-screen option was also tried by the platform last month with a small group of users.