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Teacher Boycott Threatens Imminent Shutdown At PU

Teacher Boycott Threatens Imminent Shutdown At PU

The Peshawar University Teachers Association (PUTA) is on the brink of boycotting classes as a response to the prolonged non-payment of salaries to teaching staff. A representative of PUTA revealed to a media outlet that the unrest has been building up over the past couple of months, with Class III and Class IV employees staging a strike due to the delay in salary disbursements. During this period, the teaching staff refrained from participating in the protest, prioritizing the interests of their students.

However, with the situation worsening, the teaching staff is left with no choice but to address the critical challenges they face. The official placed blame on the former vice-chancellor, Dr. Muhammad Idrees, asserting that the current financial state of the university is unprecedented in its 70-year history.

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In an official statement, PUTA has issued a demand for immediate action to ensure the payment of salaries within the next 24 hours. Additionally, the association has warned of staging a sit-in outside the Governor’s House if their demands are not promptly met.

This development underscores the persistent financial crisis faced by public sector universities in the province. The threat of a widespread boycott by teachers emphasizes the severity of the situation, highlighting the urgent need for resolution to avoid disruptions in academic activities and ensure the well-being of the university’s teaching staff.