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Syra, Shahroz’s ‘Babylicious’ Trailer is out!

Babylicious Official Teaser

We finally have a teaser for the much-anticipated film starring the former celebrity couple Syra Yousuf and Shahroz Sabzwari and it is full of romantic cliches.

Titled Babylicious, the film is as sweet as one romantic film can be. Full of beaches, under-the-stars parked car conversations, sunsets, concerts, parties and sunflower fields, the teaser promises this one to be following in the footsteps of your Hallmark dreams while also complying with Bollywood’s standards of romance.

Above all, the romantic film has a big fat wedding! Although the film seems like a perfect one for Valentine’s Day, the teaser lacked a conflict. It is established that Shahroz and Syra are madly in love with each other but there’s no plot twist. For all we know, Babylicious exudes a warm, fuzzy, contemporary young adult romance vibe and we approve! Although, it does have a bitter aftertaste given the stark difference in how the stars’ love turned sour in real life.

The one-minute clip begins with the couple walking to a party holding hands while fighting traffic. Showing clips of them in romantic settings, Shahroz’s voice calls Syra a blessing for him. “Some people get blessings in the form of a World Cup or Oscars. For me, I got you as my biggest one,” narrates the voiceover. The video then continues to introduce the rest of the cast in neon signs. The film stars Ayesha Mirza, Shehzeen Rahat, Anita Camphor, Aamir Qureshi, Sabeena Syed and more.

However, much about the film is still a mystery, which is a good thing. We see Shahroz in an artsy room, with a guitar, headphones and a notebook in some shots, so he may be a musician but there’s not much known about Syra’s character or what she does. Regardless of that, can’t wait to see the love story unfold!

Babylicious is scheduled to release in theatres next year on Valentine’s Day.