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Student Killed in Hit and Run by Underage Driver

Student Killed in Hit and Run by Underage Driver

In a heart-wrenching incident that has sparked outrage and calls for justice, a student at Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) lost his life in a hit-and-run accident caused by an underage driver. The victim, Abdul Hadi, was riding his bike in DHA Phase 7 when he was struck by a speeding car driven by 17-year-old Mujtaba Waqas. The impact of the collision was devastating, flinging Abdul Hadi over nine feet into the air, resulting in his untimely death. Tragically, Abdul’s brother, who was also riding with him, sustained severe injuries and is currently fighting for his life in the ICU.

The grief and anguish of Abdul Hadi’s family are palpable, compounded by the fact that the perpetrator of this senseless act remains at large. In a poignant plea for justice, Abdul’s brother expressed his disbelief and outrage, denouncing the incident as nothing short of murder. He implored the community to unite in demanding accountability for reckless underage drivers who pose a grave threat to public safety.

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Amidst attempts by Mujtaba Waqas’s family to shield him from the consequences of his actions, the fundamental question of accountability looms large. The callous disregard for human life exhibited in hit-and-run incidents is a stark reminder of the urgent need for systemic change and stringent enforcement of laws to ensure justice for victims like Abdul Hadi.

As the community mourns the loss of a promising young life and rallies behind the #JusticeForAbdulHadi campaign, the broader implications of unchecked lawlessness on our roads cannot be ignored. It is imperative that those responsible for such heinous acts are swiftly brought to justice and that measures are taken to prevent similar tragedies from recurring in the future. The quest for justice for Abdul Hadi is not just about seeking closure for his family but also about safeguarding the lives of countless others who risk becoming victims of reckless driving.