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SRK’s most awaited Film pathaan’s trailer released.

SRK’s most awaited Film pathaan’s trailer released.

Pathaan, the movie starring Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan, has finally received its long-awaited trailer. The three-minute animation starts off with the camera panning toward Dubai’s Burj Khalifa and focusing on Jim, played by John Abraham, who is getting ready to fire a Bazooka in the midst of the city’s desolate promenade.

Dimple Kapadia, who is presumptuously playing the part of a powerful woman, then decodes Outfit X, a private terrorist organisation that appears to operate more on contracts than on ideological grounds. And their upcoming objective is to assault India in a way that has never been done before.

In the trailer, Abraham refers to the attack as “one that India could never even comprehend.” “This is not a negotiation; it is an order. Your time has now begun.” Soon, the exiled soldier Pathaan will be the only person the Indian intelligence believes can protect their nation from the impending onslaught. Khan then begins to throw flying punches all over the place.

The Dilwale actor claims that if Pathaan is hosting a party at his home, he will be there to welcome you. “With fireworks,” he continues. Later, he is able to fly away in a helicopter. The audiences then catch their first glimpse of Padukone in her signature sexy outfit. Although Padukone receives plenty of screen time in the teaser, the objectification she receives in the commercial is needless, which doesn’t exactly work in her favour.

She then admits to Khan that she is a soldier like him and asks him to team up with them to complete the objective. Khan and Padukone fight in some excellent combat scenes in the following scenes.

The good and evil engage in warfare with helicopters, trains, fighter aircraft, tanks, grenades, AK-47s, and pretty much anything else in the second half of the trailer. Pathaan and Jim meet face to face as Jim mocks being on the hunt.

“A soldier does not ask what his country can do for him; he asks what he can do for this country,” Khan says at the end of the trailer. Khan makes a weak attempt to portray a war hero, but his story feels forced. By portraying the celebrity as a fervent patriot in his return movie, the Pathaan teaser feels like a weak attempt to free him from the superstar’s vilification in his home nation.

Salman Khan makes a cameo appearance in the Siddharth Anand-directed and Aditya Chopra-produced film Pathaan. The Dabangg actor, though, wasn’t in the most recent trailer.

However, he will appear in a second trailer, per ETimes. “Adi has developed two trailers. One of them included Salman, while the other did not. Salman’s appearance in Pathaan will be revealed in the first teaser, but Adi has not yet made up his mind about doing so. As the release date approaches, he might decide to withhold the Salman card “According to a source close to Chopra, this.

“Adi, on the other hand, might decide to keep Salman’s appearance in the trailers a secret altogether, the insider said. In Khan’s Pathaan, the Sultan actor would portray the RAW agent Tiger from the Ek Tha Tiger television series.