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Twitter users criticizes Naseem Shah on Azam Khan’s body shaming in BPL.

Twitter users are criticising Naseem Shah for body shaming fellow cricketer Azam Khan during a BPL game.

Even in 2023, individuals still find it difficult to comprehend that a person’s body type does not necessarily reflect their level of health. Cricket player Azam Shah has grown accustomed to being judged more on the basis of his physical appearance than his skill on the field. However, Pakistani Twitter defended Khan after pacer Naseem Shah ‘teased’ him by mimicking his body form during a game.

On camera, Khan shoved Shah away following an argument during a Bangladesh Premier League game between the Khulna Tigers and the Comilla Victorians. The footage has been making the rounds on social media. Shah then followed Khan, imitating his unobservant gait by raising his arms. What the 19-year-old bowler may have found humorous, however, was labelled “body shaming” by online users.