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Shiraz Vlogger Leaves PIA Message Over Unmet Request

Shiraz Vlogger Leaves PIA Message Over Unmet Request

Muhammad Shiraz, an endearing vlogger hailing from the Ghanche District in Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region, has gained immense popularity through his YouTube channel, Shirazi Village Vlogs. At just seven years old, Shiraz has captured the hearts of millions worldwide through platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok, showcasing daily life in his village alongside his younger sister, Muskan. His vlogs have amassed millions of views, earning him YouTube’s coveted Golden Button award at a remarkably young age.

In a recent video, Shiraz documented his journey aboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight, where he made a unique request for tea with salt, a tradition in some regions. However, the airline did not offer this option, prompting Shiraz to appeal to PIA management to consider adding salty tea to their in-flight menu.

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The delightful duo recently acquired a new car, using it to offer rides to villagers and share Eidi with those in need, showcasing heartwarming acts of kindness.

While Shiraz harbors a passion for tractors and dreams of owning one someday, he surprised his audience by revealing his new car in his latest vlog, offering viewers a charming tour of the village.