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Saudi Arabia Utilizes AI in Grand Mosque for Pilgrim Assistance


In a groundbreaking move, the authorities responsible for the Two Holy Mosques in Saudi Arabia have ushered in a new era of technological advancement to enhance the guidance and counseling services for visitors and pilgrims at the revered Grand Mosque.

The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reports that this transformative initiative involves the integration of cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) and digital methods. At the heart of this endeavor are 52 strategically positioned screens, both inside and outside the Grand Mosque, covering a vast area of 279 square meters and operating 24/7.

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Overseeing the delivery of tailored guidance content through these screens is the General Authority for the Affairs. To ensure the utmost relevance and appropriateness of the information, a specialized team comprising esteemed scholars in religious and guidance matters meticulously curates the material.

To cater to the diverse linguistic backgrounds of the mosque’s visitors, the curated content undergoes translation into multiple languages. These screens are strategically placed at crucial junctures such as entrances, exits, courtyards, and roads leading to the Grand Mosque, ensuring comprehensive coverage for pilgrims.

As a significant component of this initiative, an innovative AI-guidance robot takes center stage on the digital screens. This interactive robot is purposefully designed to assist pilgrims by providing essential brochures and publications that aid them in their religious rituals.

What sets this AI-guidance robot apart is its user-friendly interface, allowing pilgrims to access and share informative content effortlessly using their mobile phones. The incorporation of AI technology represents a concerted effort to elevate the overall experience for visitors and pilgrims, providing them with valuable information and support throughout their stay at the Grand Mosque.

This technological leap marks a significant stride towards modernizing pilgrimage experiences, reflecting Saudi Arabia’s commitment to embracing innovation in the service of religious devotion. As pilgrims embark on their spiritual journeys, these advanced measures promise to make their visit to the Grand Mosque not only deeply meaningful but also technologically enriched.