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Sarwat Gillani Faces Criticism Over Maternity Photoshoot

Sarwat Gillani Faces Criticism Over Maternity Photoshoot

Actor Sarwat Gillani has recently faced criticism for her maternity photoshoot, where she graced the cover of a local magazine displaying her baby bump. Days later, she announced her impending labor, asking fans for prayers for a safe delivery.

However, on Saturday, a user (referred to as X) shared images from the photoshoot, condemning the perceived “vulgarity” associated with the trend of maternity shoots that Pakistani celebrities are embracing.

The user expressed disapproval on Twitter, stating, “Our so-called celebrities have spread strange shamelessness; someone needs to question the necessity of all this.”

In response, many challenged the user for associating femininity and motherhood with vulgarity. Comedian and rapper Ali Gul Pir commented, “She seems happy, sad that it irks you.” Others emphasized the individual’s right to make choices about their body, with one saying, “Her child, her choice.”

Some questioned the societal mindset, with Anchor Absa Komal asking how pregnancy could be deemed shameful. Another user expressed concern about the negative attitude towards a content and glowing mother, while someone else criticized the judgmental perspective, asking if being pregnant was equated with shamelessness.

A doctor in the comments highlighted the beauty of motherhood and lamented the lack of understanding in Pakistani society. Defending Sarwat Gillani, a user pointed out her marital status and questioned the critic’s issue.

Amidst the debate, one fan expressed confusion about what was wrong with the pictures, and another suggested embracing a positive outlook, saying, “How about, just be happy?” The overall sentiment echoed the call for allowing mothers-to-be to embrace their journey without judgment.