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Sarfaraz Ahmed Refutes Rumors About Departing From Pakistan

Sarfaraz Ahmed Refutes Rumors About Departing From Pakistan

In recent developments, former Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has vehemently denied reports suggesting his departure from Pakistan.

Speaking to a local news channel, Sarfaraz expressed disbelief and frustration over the news, emphasizing that the reports are entirely false.

He stated,

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“I can’t even think of leaving Pakistan. Confirm before running such fabricated news.”

Sarfaraz clarified that, this time, no player has been ousted from the team, dispelling any notions about him leaving the country.

Earlier today, there were speculations that Sarfaraz Ahmed was bidding farewell to Pakistan and relocating to London, UK, with his wife and two children. This news sparked concerns and conjectures among cricket enthusiasts.

Furthermore, Sarfaraz Ahmed is dismayed by the inaccurate news. He urges news sources to verify information before disseminating it, highlighting the potential impact on players and the sport when the news is incorrect.

Sarfaraz stands as the only Pakistan captain to secure a 50-over world title since the legendary Imran Khan. He assumed the role of ODI team captain in February 2017. Despite a challenging start in the Champions Trophy, where Pakistan lost to India, the team rebounded, defeating South Africa, Sri Lanka, England, and ultimately India to clinch the trophy.

Sarfaraz led the team until October 2019, but a dip in his performance led to his removal as captain in all formats and exclusion from the team. He made a comeback to the national team in early 2023 in the red-ball format and was also featured in the recent Test series against Australia.