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Samsung Mocks Apple in New Ad: “Never Crush Creativity”

Samsung Mocks Apple in New Ad: "Never Crush Creativity"

Apple faced backlash for its new commercial promoting the iPad Pro 2024. In response, Samsung released an ad for its Galaxy Tab S9 that seemed to directly challenge Apple’s commercial.

The Samsung ad, posted on Samsung Mobile USA’s page, features a woman navigating through debris and paint, similar to Apple’s “Crush” ad where various objects were destroyed. In Samsung’s ad, the woman picks up a damaged guitar and plays music using notes displayed on her Galaxy Tab S9.

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The ad ends with the message, “Creativity cannot be crushed,” emphasizing the Galaxy Tab S9 Series with Galaxy AI. Apple’s “Crush!” ad was criticized, with Hollywood stars like Hugh Grant and Justine Bateman voicing disapproval. In response, Apple’s Vice President of Marketing, Tor Myhren, issued an apology, admitting that the ad “missed the mark” and reaffirming Apple’s dedication to fostering creativity.