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Sachin Tendulkar Victimized In Deepfake Video Controversy

Sachin Tendulkar Victimized In Deepfake Video Controversy

Renowned Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar has expressed strong disapproval of a deceptive deepfake video that falsely portrays him endorsing an online gaming application, praising it as a quick way to generate income.

Rejecting the video as fraudulent, Tendulkar voiced his concerns about the widespread misuse of technology in a post on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). In his statement, he emphasized the need for social media platforms to be vigilant and responsive to user complaints, highlighting the crucial role of swift action in preventing the spread of misinformation and deepfake content.

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“These videos are fake. It is disturbing to see rampant misuse of technology. Request everyone to report videos, ads & apps like these in large numbers. Social Media platforms need to be alert and responsive to complaints. Swift action from their end is crucial to stopping the spread of misinformation and deepfakes,” Tendulkar declared.

The cricket icon’s case adds to the growing list of Indian celebrities, including actress Rashmika Mandanna, who have spoken out against the proliferation of deepfake videos. Notably, other prominent Indian actresses such as Alia Bhatt, Kajol, and Katrina Kaif have also become victims of the dissemination of deepfake content.

The deceptive video in question featured Tendulkar falsely endorsing an online gaming app, with the cricketer claiming that his daughter regularly used the platform. Tendulkar’s response underscores the urgency of addressing the misuse of technology and the potential harm caused by false endorsements, urging users to report such content and emphasizing the responsibility of social media platforms in promptly addressing complaints.

In the face of the rising threat of deepfake technology, Tendulkar’s stance reflects the need for heightened awareness, vigilance, and effective measures to combat the spread of deceptive content on digital platforms.