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Saboor Aly Faces 2.5-Hour Road Stuck In Karachi

Saboor Aly Faces 2.5-Hour Road Stuck In Karachi

Pakistani actress Saboor Aly found herself among the many individuals experiencing delays on the rain-soaked streets of Karachi. The heavy rainfall in the metropolis led to challenging conditions, leaving Karachiites stranded on the roads throughout the night.

Saboor Aly, known for her role in Parizaad, shared her experience on Instagram with her 4.6 million followers. She posted stories depicting the rainfall and the resulting challenges faced by the city’s residents. In one of her Instagram stories, the actress revealed, “Finally reached home after almost two and a half hours.”

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Various parts of Sindh, including Karachi and Hyderabad, witnessed rainfall of different intensities over the past 24 hours. Weather experts predicted the likelihood of more rain in the evening and night on Sunday.

Saboor Aly embarked on her acting journey at a young age, starting with a minor role in Choti Si Kahani. She gained prominence through her role in Mehmoodabad ki Malkain. Her recent projects include Nanu Aur Main, Fitrat, Mujhay Vida Kar, Parizaad, Sar-e-Rah, Jannat Se Aagay, Mushkil, Nehar, Amanat, Tum Ho Wajah, and Haqeeqat.