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Hadiq Kiani argues regarding the Scarsdale event.

Regarding the Scarsdale event, Hadiqa Kiani argues that it all comes down to our system and parenting.

The gang-up against one student in a bullying incident at Scarsdale International School and the videotaping of the alleged “torture” have shocked and infuriated online users. Hadiqa Kiani, a singer and actor, shared her opinions on the subject and provided light on how parents contribute to the spread of violence. She asked educators and the government to enforce stronger regulations to protect children, as well as parents to become more active in their kids’ lives.

She published a tweet thread on Saturday to address and “unpack” the problem. She began by emphasizing the important phrases in the incident: “Parenting, mental health, drugs and alcohol, abuse, school monitoring, safety, elitism, power, trauma and so much more.” highlighting the various causes for which our culture raises and shields criminals while silencing victims, she said her heart breaks at the Scarsdale school incident.