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Qatar Unveils Fresh Residency Option For Foreign Workers

Qatar Unveils Fresh Residency Option For Foreign Workers

Qatar has launched a new residency program aimed at attracting foreign talent and entrepreneurs to stay in the country for an extended period. The initiative allows eligible individuals to live and work in Qatar for five years, with the option for renewal.

To qualify as a “talented individual,” applicants must receive endorsement from a relevant Qatari government authority in one of 13 approved fields, such as arts, sports, education, or scientific research. They must also have a job offer or sufficient financial resources, at least QAR 36,500, to support themselves until their immigration process is completed.

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Entrepreneurs must submit a business plan endorsed by authorized Qatari business incubators, with a minimum investment of QAR 250,000.

The government fees for the five-year residence permit are QAR 4,000 for talented individuals and QAR 5,000 for entrepreneurs.

This initiative reflects Qatar’s efforts to attract skilled professionals and investors, diversifying its economy. The residence permit is expected to be available in the coming months, aiming to enhance Qatar’s position as a hub for talent and innovation.