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Punjab To Digitally Track Distribution Of Ramadan Aid

Punjab To Digitally Track Distribution Of Ramadan Aid

During a briefing to Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Tuesday, officials assured her that a robust system had been established to ensure the transparent distribution of Ramadan relief packages to recipients. The entire process is under close scrutiny through a live dashboard and advanced technology, with the added feature of a helpline for complaint registration launching today.

Officials detailed that the distribution of Ramazan Nigehban relief packages relies on NADRA and BISP beneficiary data. CM Maryam was informed that deserving individuals would receive their relief packages in the first ten days of Ramadan. As part of a trial run, 1,200 households in Rawalpindi division received free food bags via home delivery.

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The official launch of the program is scheduled for the second day of Ramadan across the province. Deputy Commissioner Dr. Hassan Waqar Cheema specified that each ration bag contains 10kg of flour and 2kg each of rice, sugar, ghee, and gram flour.

Commissioner Aamir Khattak instructed deputy commissioners to meticulously verify the Nighaban Ration Programme beneficiary lists, emphasizing the need for a separate list for families no longer meeting the criteria for assistance. The 1,200 Pindi households received dry rations after their data was cross-checked through a mobile app developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB).