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Punjab Plans Second Round of Artificial Rain


In a proactive move to address rising smog levels, Punjab is set to make another attempt at inducing artificial rain in the upcoming days, as disclosed by Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi.

Naqvi hinted at this initiative during a meeting with Ahmed Al-Kamal, the head of the cloud-seeding team from the United Arab Emirates’ meteorology department. Chief pilot Michael Anstis and pilot Col. Ubaid were also in attendance during the meeting held at the CM office.

The caretaker CM cited favorable atmospheric conditions this month as a driving factor behind considering artificial rainfall once again to alleviate smog levels in Lahore.

Expressing gratitude to the UAE’s cloud-seeding team for their previous efforts in inducing artificial rainfall in the provincial capital, Naqvi briefed the team on the potential for another experiment when suitable conditions arise.

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Highlighting the tangible improvement in air quality witnessed in Lahore following the initial artificial rain, Naqvi’s optimism about the effectiveness of the upcoming artificial rainfall experiment in January was echoed by Ahmed Al-Kamal.

Al-Kamal also took the opportunity to extend gratitude to the Punjab government for their hospitality, emphasizing the warm welcome they have received, making Pakistan feel like a second home to the team.