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Punjab Enforces New Structure For Driving License Fees

Punjab Enforces New Structure For Driving License Fees

In Lahore, the Punjab government has put into effect a revised fee structure for driving licenses throughout the province, as the relief previously provided by caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi came to an end a day earlier than anticipated.

Initially scheduled to be implemented on January 1, the revised fee structure was delayed until January 15 by the chief minister to alleviate the financial burden on the public, considering the substantial increase in fees for various licenses.

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The fee for learner driving permits has been elevated to Rs500 for all categories, encompassing motorcycles, cars, LTC (Light Transport Vehicle), and HTV (Heavy Transport Vehicle).


For regular driving licenses, the annual fee for motorcycles has risen to Rs980, while it stands at Rs2,280 for the motorcar/Jeep category. LTV and HTV license fees have increased to Rs2,480, and the government will now receive Rs1,980 per year for a regular license for commercial tractors. The fee for agricultural tractors has been set at Rs1,480.

In the case of duplicate driving licenses, the fee for motorcycles is now Rs580, and for motorcars/Jeeps, it is Rs630. Duplicate LTV license fees have risen to Rs630, and for HTV licenses, the fee is now Rs680.

For international driving licenses, the fee for a one-year validity period for motorcycles has been raised to Rs930, while the three-year license now costs Rs1,830. The complete table with detailed information on international driving license fees is provided.

As the relief period has concluded, these adjustments in the fee structure are expected to generate revenue for the government but may pose a financial challenge for individuals seeking or renewing driving licenses in Punjab.