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Punjab CM’s Office Requests Rs. 27.2 Million For VVIP Mercedes Maintenance

Punjab CM's Office Requests Rs. 27.2 Million For VVIP Mercedes Maintenance

The Punjab Chief Minister’s Office has requested an additional allocation of Rs. 27.2 million for the replacement of tires and maintenance of a VVIP armored Mercedes intended for use by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz.

According to a letter addressed to the Punjab Finance Department, the CM Office emphasized the immediate need to replace the tires of the VVIP Mercedes S-600-L and conduct essential maintenance tasks. The letter, obtained by a private news channel, revealed that M/S Shahnawaz (PVT) Ltd Lahore, the sole distributor, quoted an estimated cost of Rs. 27.2 million for the required work.

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The letter stressed the importance of promptly securing additional funds through supplementary grants for the current fiscal year (2023-24) to ensure the security and operational readiness of the vehicle.

Speaking to the private news channel, Punjab Information Minister Uzma Bukhari defended the repair and maintenance of official vehicles as routine procedures. Bukhari dismissed the association of such actions with the chief minister as unjustified sensationalism and emphasized the necessity of the repairs.