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Punjab approves 15 development schemes for Rawalpindi

Punjab approves 15 development schemes for Rawalpindi

RAWALPINDI: The Punjab government has sanctioned the construction and expansion of 15 development projects for Rawalpindi district in the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25.

These projects encompass critical infrastructure developments including a flyover, the Kacherhi Chowk flyover and underpass, as well as water supply schemes for Mahota Dam and Chahan Dam. Additionally, there will be significant investments in health and education projects, with construction set to commence in August.

District Development Coordination Committee Chairman MNA Qamarul Islam informed The Express Tribune that the initial flyover will be constructed at the heavily congested Corporation Chowk on Adiala Road, with an estimated cost of Rs1.5 billion. Adiala Road will also be extended to Gorakhpur. The Chakri Adda-Harnianwala Road project via Bilawal Adda has been approved with a budget of Rs2.20 billion, with Rs350 million allocated for this fiscal year.

A grant of Rs62 million has been sanctioned for the construction of Chakri to Dhadambar Road, to be completed within the fiscal year. Rs130 million has been approved for Harka Bisali Road construction, while Rs50 million has been allocated for the completion of Karrar Road.

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A significant addition is the Jarar camp diversion from Kachi Jodiran, linking Adiala Road and Rawat Chakri Road, costing Rs210 million, with Rs13 million released for FY25. Murat Road on the Main Chakri Road side will be completed with Rs50 million in the next fiscal year.

The government has allocated Rs270 million for Jodrian-Chakri Road construction, Rs48 million for Chak Bailey Bypass, Rs18 million for Rescue 1122 Chak Bailey Khan, and Rs5 million for Joriyan. The completion of Joriyan Hospital in the next fiscal year will benefit the local population.

Additional funds of Rs200 million have been sanctioned for the expansion of the Mahota Dam irrigation system. The Rs6.5 billion Chehan Dam drinking water supply scheme will commence in September. For the ongoing water supply schemes in Morgah, Kotha Kalan 1, Kotha Kalan 2, and adjacent areas, Rs20 million were released in the outgoing fiscal year. Similar funding was provided for water supply schemes in Lakhan, Mohri Ghazan, and Dhamiyal. The Kachehri Chowk remodelling project will start with an investment of Rs2 billion in the fiscal year, while Rs13.4 million have been allocated for the completion of Jhata Hatial Girls Degree College.