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PTI Plans SC Appeal Over PHC Verdict

PTI Plans SC Appeal Over PHC Verdict

PTI Chairman, Barrister Gohar Ali Khan, announced on Wednesday that the party intends to challenge the recent verdict of the Peshawar High Court (PHC) in the Supreme Court. The PHC had upheld the Election Commission’s decision to revoke the ‘bat’ symbol from PTI for the upcoming elections.

Speaking to the media, Barrister Gohar Ali Khan expressed confidence that the Supreme Court would address the matter judiciously. He emphasized that if the apex court does not reinstate the party symbol, PTI candidates will participate independently, ruling out any possibility of boycotting the elections.

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Gohar Ali Khan raised significant concerns about the removal of PTI’s party symbol and indicated that the Supreme Court’s directive to withdraw the electoral symbol warrants a thorough examination of the situation. He stated that the decision to take away the symbol is grounded in allegations of corruption and horse-trading.

Furthermore, the PTI leader disclosed that discussions about ticket-related matters took place with the incarcerated founder of PTI in Adiala Jail. The party appears determined to navigate the legal process to ensure its participation in the upcoming elections with its distinctive symbol.

The legal battle surrounding the ‘bat’ symbol adds a layer of complexity to the political landscape, with implications for PTI candidates and the electoral process. As the party gears up for the legal challenge in the Supreme Court, the outcome will likely have far-reaching consequences on PTI’s electoral prospects and the broader political dynamics in the country.