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PSX Reaches Record 62,000 Points, Reflecting Investor Confidence

PSX Reaches Record 62,000 Points, Reflecting Investor Confidence

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has experienced a significant surge of almost 20 percent, marking the highest investment level in over five years and signaling the country’s economic resurgence.

On Monday, the PSX KSE-100 index achieved a historic milestone by surpassing 62,000 points for the first time, with an additional gain of 770 points, reaching 62,461 points.

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Despite the country grappling with political and economic challenges, the PSX index has witnessed a remarkable increase following the successful IMF review and financial support from friendly nations.

The staff-level agreement for the second tranche of IMF bailout funds and financial inflows from multilateral institutions have contributed to fostering a positive sentiment in the money market.

Last month, the benchmark share index (KSE) surpassed 60,000 points, reaching an all-time high of 60,500.61 points, and the upward trend continues.