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Private Hospital’s Lethal Injection Claims Pregnant Woman’s Life


Lahore witnessed a series of unfortunate incidents on Wednesday, leaving the city in mourning. A 33-year-old woman lost her life due to a mistakenly administered injection during childbirth at a private clinic, marking a devastating turn of events.

Tragedy at Shalimar Private Clinic: The pregnant woman was urgently taken to a private clinic in the Shalimar area, where, tragically, she received an incorrect injection during delivery. This medical error triggered a severe reaction, ultimately leading to her untimely demise. The family, grappling with grief, recounted the heartbreaking incident.

Senior Citizen’s Mysterious Passing in Mughalpura: Simultaneously, in the Mughalpura area, a 60-year-old senior citizen was discovered unconscious and later passed away during hospital treatment. The mysterious circumstances surrounding the man’s identity added a layer of complexity to the unfolding tragedies. The bodies were subsequently transferred to the mortuary by Edhi Ambulance.

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Road Safety Concerns in Punjab: On a concerning note related to road safety, the Emergency Services Department (ESD) responded to a staggering 844 road traffic accidents across all districts of Punjab within the past 24 hours. These incidents resulted in a devastating toll, claiming nine lives and leaving an additional 885 individuals with varying degrees of injuries.

Regrettably, Outcomes of Road Accidents: Out of the total injured, 404 individuals with serious injuries were swiftly transported to various hospitals for immediate medical attention. Another 481 victims, with relatively minor injuries, received on-the-spot treatment from dedicated Rescue medical teams at the accident scenes.

Conclusion: As Lahore grapples with the aftermath of these tragic events, the city reflects on the fragility of life and the urgent need for enhanced safety measures in medical facilities and on the roads. The untimely loss of lives serves as a somber reminder of the collective responsibility to prioritize safety and prevent such heart-wrenching incidents in the future.