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Plane Safely Lands On Frozen River, Avoiding Disaster

Plane Safely Lands On Frozen River, Avoiding Disaster

MOSCOW – In a startling turn of events, an aircraft mistakenly landed on a frozen river near the Russian city of Yakutsk instead of the intended runway.

The incident involved a small plane from Polar Airlines in Yakutsk, a Siberian region known as one of the coldest cities globally.

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Reports from local media reveal that the pilot confused the frozen Kolyma River for a small landing strip, putting the lives of 30 passengers and four crew members at risk.

Fortunately, the incident, which unfolded on Thursday, resulted in no loss of lives. Passengers and crew members safely traversed the frozen river to reach a secure area, leaving the stranded plane stuck in the snow.

Although the ice on the river was reported to be over two feet thick, images indicated deep cracks at the aircraft’s landing site.

As of now, there has been no attempt to relocate the Antonov An-24 aircraft from the ice, and it appears to have sustained no significant damage. Investigators have determined that the pilot’s mistake led to the incident.