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Petrol Distribution Halted In Rawalpindi And Islamabad

Petrol Distribution Halted In Rawalpindi And Islamabad

The Oil Tankers Owners Association has halted petrol and diesel deliveries in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Gilgit-Baltistan, and Azad Kashmir due to harassment over what they claim are unfair measurement practices by local authorities. This suspension came into effect a day after they issued a warning, expressing their grievances regarding the current filling procedures. The association insists on implementing a metered system for filling tankers and has vowed to continue this suspension until their demands are met.

They allege that both the Islamabad administration and officials from Pakistan State Oil (PSO) have failed to uphold an agreement made on February 20 and have not adequately addressed the association’s concerns despite several notices.

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In a related development affecting fuel costs, the government announced a price increase for petrol late Monday night. The price of petrol has risen by Rs4.53, setting the new price at Rs293.94 per litre. Concurrently, the diesel price also saw an increase of Rs8.14 per litre, bringing it to Rs290.38. These updated prices are effective from April 16, 2024, further complicating the current fuel supply issues.