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Peruvian Alien Mummies Debunked As Earth-Made Figurines

Peruvian Alien Mummies Debunked As Earth-Made Figurines

Two figurines initially thought to be “alien mummies” discovered at the Lima airport in Peru last October have been identified as humanoid dolls made from animal bones and modern synthetic glue, according to an analysis by experts from Peru’s Institute for Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences.

The specimens, which appeared to be mummified bodies in traditional Andean attire, were found in a cardboard box at the offices of courier DHL. The analysis debunked claims of alien origins, stating that the dolls were entirely Earthly in composition. This revelation follows a similar case in Mexico where mummified bodies with elongated heads and three-fingered hands were presented at a congressional hearing.

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Despite initial speculation about their extraterrestrial origin, experts dismissed them as likely frauds involving ancient human mummies combined with animal parts. The Peruvian experts emphasized that the dolls discovered at the Lima airport were not connected to the Mexican case and underscored that none of the specimens were of extraterrestrial origin.