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Pasoori beats BTS’ Butter, is most Googled song in the world in 2022

The ‘Coke Studio’ banger, ‘Pasoori’ by Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, has made it to the top trending searches on Google in 2022.

It was released earlier this year on the 14th season of Coke Studio and soon began trending on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, leading to several covers around the world.

On the list of ‘Top 5 songs’, ‘Pasoori’ is on the No.2 spot, second to only Indonesian pop song ‘Tak Ingin Usai’ by Keisya Levronka. ‘Glimpse of Us’ by Japanese rapper Joji, ‘Satru 2’ by Indonesian duo Denny Caknan and Happy Asmara and ‘Mixed Nuts’ by J-Pop band Hige Dandism took the following positions respectively.

Moreover, in Google’s ‘Hum to Search’ category, ‘Pasoori’ is the most hummed song in the list of 5, for the ongoing year. The Pakistani track is followed by equally blockbuster ‘Butter’ by K-Pop septet BTS in the second position.