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Palestinian artist Saint Levant releases his second album ‘Deira’

Palestinian artist Saint Levant releases his second album 'Deira'

Rapper Saint Levant, whose real name is Marwan Abdelhamid, has paid tribute to his Palestinian heritage by announcing his second album, “Deira,” named after a now-demolished hotel in Gaza.

The 23-year-old multilingual musician, who is active on social media, shared the album news with his fans on Instagram. “I am really proud of this body of work that took me a year to create,” he wrote. “I’m honored to share it with you.”

“Deira,” consisting of eight songs, envisions a future return to a free Palestine. Marwan’s latest project has resonated strongly with his online community, especially amid the ongoing atrocities in Gaza. One fan commented, “You made art that is so beautiful and so important now more than ever. These songs are crafted with so much love – thank you for sharing them with all of us. Incredibly proud of you.”

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According to Vogue Man Arabia, Marwan collaborated with notable artists such as Kehlani, 15-year-old Palestinian rapper MC Abdul, Sol Band, and Algerian artist Cheb Bilal on “Deira.” He also partnered with Palestinian-Jordanian artist Zeyne, who provided background vocals throughout the album, adding elements of Arab-pop and R&B to each track.

Marwan was born in Jerusalem to a Palestinian-Serbian father and a French-Algerian mother. His multicultural upbringing heavily influences his music, blending French, Arabic, and English elements. His first album, “From Gaza, With Love,” released in March 2023, also received high praise from fans.

Marwan’s mixed heritage deeply influences his lyrics, which often explore themes of identity, love, and social issues. His other well-known tracks, such as “Very Few Friends,” “Jerusalem Freestyle,” and “Here and There,” have also been popular with fans.