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Pakistan’s First National Space Policy Approved By Cabinet

Pakistan's First National Space Policy Approved By Cabinet

On Wednesday, the federal cabinet sanctioned three groundbreaking initiatives for Pakistan’s IT and telecom sector, notably the nation’s inaugural National Space Policy. This policy is poised to transform Pakistan’s space program, paving the way for private-sector entities to deliver cost-effective internet services within the country.

This strategic move not only propels technological progress but also stimulates increased investments in the burgeoning space industry.

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In a parallel move towards fortifying the digital landscape, the federal cabinet greenlit the establishment of the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency (NCCIA). Tasked with countering cybercrimes, the NCCIA, armed with requisite expertise, funding, and resources, is slated to play a pivotal role in preventing, investigating, and prosecuting cyber offenses throughout Pakistan. This initiative represents a significant stride in securing the nation’s digital infrastructure.

The prime minister acknowledged the collaborative efforts in crafting the country’s space policy, led by the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication, SUPARCO, the Ministry of Defence, and associated institutions.