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Pakistani MMA Fighter Anita Karim Wins Double Gold Medals in Thailand

Pakistani MMA Fighter Anita Karim Wins Double Gold Medals in Thailand

In a historic achievement, Pakistani mixed martial arts (MMA) sensation Anita Karim has clinched two gold medals at the prestigious Siam Cup in Bangkok, Thailand.

Karim dominated the 55 kg/Lightweight category, triumphing over formidable opponents such as Japan’s Miyu Suzuki, Thailand’s Chutima Sala, and Saifa Phetdee. Her victories in the lightweight battles were nothing short of spectacular, with the first two secured by submission and the final one by points.

Not content with just one triumph, Karim also conquered the ‘Absolute’ category, defeating tough contenders like Chutima Sala, Sasithon Yahyi, and Tanyaporn Mungklakeeree. Her victories in the absolute category were marked by submission in the first and third bouts and a strategic win on points in the second.

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Anita Karim, at 27 years old, has made history as Pakistan’s first woman MMA fighter to compete on the global stage. Her brother, Uloomi Karim, himself an accomplished MMA fighter, played a crucial role in mentoring her for this international challenge. Notably, Uloomi Karim also showcased his skills by facing Iran’s Mohammad Mahdi on the same day as his sister, November 25, 2023.

The outstanding performance at the Siam Cup resulted in Anita Karim’s promotion from a blue belt to a prestigious purple belt, underscoring her rapid ascent in the MMA ranks. Her journey is breaking barriers in a country where women’s participation in sports is not the norm, and her international success is poised to inspire a new generation of female athletes across Pakistan.