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Pakistan Sindh

Women only pink bus hits the roads of Karachi.

Pink is a bus, not just a colour!

KARACHI: The Sindh Mass Transit Authority inaugurated a secure, practical, economical, and comfortable Pink People’s Bus Service at Frere Hall here on Wednesday, with the motif being pink and the motto “women empowerment.”

Beginning with eight buses, a single route will be run from Model Colony, Malir to Tower via Sharea Faisal from 7am to 10pm. The dedicated bus service will run every 20 minutes during morning and evening rush hours and every hour the rest of the time. The only fare is Rs. 50, making it the most convenient commuting option for office-going women, college and university students, and commuters.

According to Sohaib Shafiq, the project director of the Pink Vehicle Service, cameras have been put inside the bus, which also includes female conductors, with the goal of ensuring the protection of women.