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Rana Sanaullah welcomes PTI on returning to National Assembly

Rana Sanaullah welcomes PTI on returning to National Assembly.

We would warmly welcome PTI back to the National Assembly: Sanaullah Rana

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) would be welcomed back to the National Assembly (NA), but interior minister Rana Sanaullah stated on Monday that there would be no debate on the establishment of an interim government before the current administration’s term ends in August.

In reaction to PTI leader Imran Khan’s comments regarding choosing the PTI’s return to the NA for an interim administration, he made his declaration. According to reports, the former prime minister said this during a meeting at his Lahore home in Zaman Park.

Speaking on TV, Mr. Sana remarked that although we have long since invited the PTI to attend and take a seat in the Assembly, they would first need to revoke their resignations. He said, “Speaker NA Raja Pervaiz Ashraf could accept their resignations.”