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Islamabad Pakistan

Mini budget increases the cost of flight travel.

Mini budget increases tax for flight tickets.

The minimum one-way trip to Dubai now costs Rs150,000, and ticket prices to Jeddah and Madina have increased by more than Rs28,000.

Due to the federal excise charge on first class and business class tickets being increased by 20% as a result of the newly introduced mini budget, air travel has become more expensive.

According to the finance bill’s suggestions, it is now more expensive to fly to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the United States, the United Kingdom, and other European nations. The price of tickets to these locations will increase by Rs30,000.

The minimum one-way rate to Dubai has jumped from Rs99,000 to Rs150,000, while ticket prices for Jeddah and Madina have also increased by more than Rs28,000.

To reach Rs188,000, the cost of travel from Lahore to Istanbul has grown by more than Rs15,000. A one-way ticket from Lahore to Toronto now costs Rs. 503,000.


A two-way airline ticket from Lahore to Karachi now costs Rs41,000, an increase of Rs7,000 after the planned hike.