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khyber-Pakhtunkhawa Pakistan

KP citizens protests against rising terrorism.

Citizens take to the streets in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa against rising terrorism

On Friday, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa residents protested the recent spate of terrorism in the region by taking to the streets. The protests take place as Pakistan is experiencing a surge of terrorism, primarily in KP but also in Balochistan and the bordering Punjab town of Mianwali. Additionally, a terror strike affected areas outside of Islamabad.

Between 300 and 400 people, predominantly police officers, had gathered for prayers in a mosque in Peshawar’s Red Zone on Jan. 30 when a huge explosion tore through the building. 101 persons were killed in the suicide bombing, which also destroyed part of the inner roof and the prayer hall wall.

Since 2018, January has been the bloodiest month, with at least 44 militant assaults around the nation resulting in at least 134 fatalities (a 139% increase) and 254 injuries. In the Shangla area of KP on Friday, a number of rallies were conducted and sponsored by regional rights organisations. Various political party leaders, including those from the PTI, PPP, Awami National Party (ANP), and others, spoke at the rallies.

The protesters, who were carrying white flags, sought both enduring calm in the area and justice for the horrifying bomb victims in Peshawar on January 30. When the main rally reached the Alpuri district office, it had grown significantly as more people had joined it since it had started in the Karora area.

The speakers complained that the relevant authorities only seemed interested in politics and did not appear to care about protecting citizens. The Peshawar catastrophe, according to ANP chairman Muhammad Yar Khan, was the “worst security breakdown” and he questioned how a suicide bomber was able to enter such a delicate region.

According to him, the only goals of the demonstrations were to “fight against terrorism and restore complete peace in the region.” He declared, “We won’t allow anyone to undermine KP’s peace.” He also questioned the establishment’s actions in the subject and the lack of protection for the populace.

A local PPP leader named Ghulamullah claimed that the KP police’s blood was “not so cheap,” considering the fact that officers were being assassinated on the streets or in mosques. He emphasised the fact that terrorism had claimed the lives of hundreds of police officers.

“Who is meant to protect the people if the police in the province are not safe?” According to Ghulamullah, the demonstrators demanded a halt to “further Pakhtun genocide” as well as peace and protection for the residents of the area.

According to Abid Yar, president of the Shangla Coal Mine Workers Rights Association, the population is struggling due to both rising inflation and escalating terrorism.

He further questioned why, despite relative quiet in other places, only KP was being attacked by the terrorist onslaught. Additionally, protests against the Peshawar bomb and calls for the government to uphold calm in the area were staged in the Aloch market in Puran tehsil and the Olandar bazaar in Kana tehsil.

If he had failed to protect the police and increased risk to the public, they requested KP Inspector General Moazzam Jah Ansari quit from his office. In the event that terrorism was not eradicated, the demonstrators threatened to start a widespread movement for peace in the area.